Texas Instruments CC2642R SimpleLink™ Bluetooth® Low Energy MCU


Texas Instruments CC2642R SimpleLink™ Bluetooth® Low Energy Microcontroller (MCU) is a wireless MCU that targets Bluetooth 4 and 5 Low Energy applications. The CC2642R device is a member of the SimpleLink™ MCU platform of cost-effective, ultra-low power, 2.4GHz and Sub-1GHz RF devices. Very low active RF and microcontroller (MCU) current, in addition to sub-µA sleep current with up to 80KB of parity protected RAM retention. This device also provides excellent battery life and allows for operation on small coin-cell batteries and in energy-harvesting applications.

The CC2642R device combines a flexible, very low power RF transceiver with the powerful 48 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4F CPU in a platform that supports multiple physical layers and RF standards. A dedicated wireless controller (Arm® Cortex®-M0) handles low-level RF protocol commands stored in ROM or RAM, ensuring ultra-low power consumption and great flexibility. The low power consumption of CC2642R devices does not compromise RF performance. CC2642R devices have excellent sensitivity and robustness (selectivity and blocking) performance. The CC2642R device is a truly integrated single chip solution with a complete RF system and on-chip DC / DC converter.