STMicroelectronics LED1202 12-channel LED Drivers


STMicroelectronics LED1202 12-channel LED Drivers guarantees 5V output driving capability with each channel able to provide up to 20mA. The 8-bit analog and 12-bit digital dimming control adjust separately for each channel by the output current. The system low noise generation performance is improved via a slow turn-on and turn-off time. Additionally, the phase shifting function helps to reduce the inrush current. The internal registers can store eight patterns for automatic sequencing without MCU intervention.

The LED1202 Drivers allow a pattern sequence that can be also configured for duration time and number of repetition. The device also provides a common clock domain for shared timing synchronization in multi-device applications. Other features provided on the LED1202 include thermal shutdown and open LED detection.

The LED1202 I²C interface is based on fast mode specification and works up to 400kHz. Ideally, eight I²C addresses are possible by using two configuration pins (A0/A1) only. The LED1202 is offered in the Flip-Chip 20 package 1.71 x 2.16 x 0.5mm 20 bumps with 0.4mm pitch, and in the QFN20 3x3 package 3 x 3 x 0.6mm with 0.5mm pitch.