AVX - New simulation tool for a wide range of capacitors


AVX Corporation has released the new SpiCAT online simulation tool. Created with users in mind, new simulation software provides access to two separate portals – SpiMLCC and SpiTAN, which supersede SpiCap III and SpiTan IV – that give electrical and performance characteristics by frequency and temperature for a wide range of multilayer ceramic or tantalum, polymer, and niobium oxide surface-mount capacitors. The new software also simplifies capacitor selection, grouping different product series by common application features, and enables design engineers to review electrical characteristics for individual part numbers with respect to temperature and frequency to support easy, quick, and accurate parametric characterization and the fast identification of capacitor solutions that are perfectly suited to their individual application requirements.

The updated software also provides enhanced functionality. Once a part has been chosen, interactive graphs allow users to identify the effect that modified frequencies and temperatures have on parameters including capacitance, impedance, ESR, DF, ripple voltage, and ripple current. The program also enables users to input application voltage and temperature information to chart DCL over time, offers an equivalent circuit diagram with characteristics for each parameter. Other new features enable users to download 3D models of a case size, print out graphs and parameters for chosen part numbers, and check inventory in distributor stock.

“AVX is continuously working to improve our customers’ experience, and our newly redesigned SpiCAT simulation software does just that,” said Mitch Weaver, member of the technical staff, AVX. “We’re very proud to share our responsive, new SpiCAT software and to better support our customers’ design programs by providing quick, easy, and accurate parametric characterisation for an extensive range of surface-mount MLCC, tantalum, polymer, and niobium oxide capacitors.”

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